Our monthly competition themes for 2020 are available below - and as a downloadable document.


The TAG Competition Rules contain all information relating to how to submit your images for entry and what criteria your images need to meet. Download it now.


                 TAG Competition Rules


                2020 Themes 


Black & White Urban Architecture


Use your skills to showcase some dramatic urban architecture. Shadow’s and lines. Curves and corners. We have some amazing buildings in Perth sometimes we just have to look up.


Digitals due in on the 14th of January

Competition night is the 21st of January



What is Piception I hear you ask…. The definition is a picture within a picture. Could be you holding an image of you parents holding an image of your younger self confused much ???

Digitals due in on the 28th of January

Competition night is on the 4th February

Panoramic Landscapes


Landscapes gone wide, a panoramic is a wide view, images can be made up of several exposures stitched together or one image with a wide lens. Have a look at Ken Duncan’s amazing images.

Digitals due in on the 25th of February

Competition night is 4th March

Parallel Lines


And no I don’t mean the Blondie Album. Lines can be fun. Not the ones the teacher made you write but the kind that are everywhere, look at brickworks to benches, Simple things like power-lines. Parallel lines are everywhere just start looking.

Digitals due in on the 31st of March

Competition night is 7th of April

Advertising styled still life


Ever wanted to make you own advert well now is your chance. We are bombarded with adverts everywhere we look. From make up to nappies. Pick an subject and see if you can sell your image to your fellow club members.

Digitals due in on the 28th of April

Competition night is 5th of May



They say it was the best invention ever, so you need to think if your going to photograph wheels to do them justice. Don’t go round in circles thinking about it. Get out and about and see the different styles and types of wheels there are…

Digitals due in on the 26th of May

Competition night is the 2nd of June

Blurred lines - long exposure


Practising long exposures is fun and gives you another skill to learn, try moving you camera along lines of trees for blurred lines or try painting with light.

Good thing about blurred lines is you don’t need to worry about sharpness.

Digitals due in on the 30th of June

Competition night is 7th of July

Freezing motion


In opposition to last month we are going to practice fast shutter speeds and freezing motion. Think of birds in flight, kids jumping and catching them in mid flight. The skill lies in getting your subject pin sharp while they are moving…

Digitals due in on the 28th of July

Competition night is on the 4th of August



What can you say about sport except its for fit people. Plenty of opportunities around to photograph it from football to fencing or swimming to squash I’m sure everyone will know someone who plays sport.

Digitals due in on the 25th of August

Competition night is the 1st of September



Perspectives can be tricky but also a unique way to show the difference in objects. Let your imagination loose and see what you can photograph to show a different perspective on perspectives.


(the art of representing three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface so as to give the right impression of their height, width, depth, and position in relation to each other: the theory and practice of perspective )

Digitals due in on the 29th of September

Competition night is the 6th of October 

Animal Portraits


From aardvarks to Zebras and Parrots to pugs, try your hand at Animal portraits,

Look at  Perth own celebrity animal photographer Alex Cearns  for some inspiration.


Digitals due in on the 27th of October

Competition night is 3rd of November

Annual Awards Night and Christmas Party


Each financial member can submit 2 x digital entries and 2 x print entries providing that they have been entered in any of the 2020 competitions.

The images cannot have been altered in any way.


Both prints and digitals need to be submitted to the Competition Director by 17th of November.

This is to give us time to let the judge award our print and digital image of the year and to get our awards engraved.